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Sony Ericsson 12MP Satio Camera Phone

satioThe Guardian has posted a reflection on the state of camera phones: Camera phones offer snapshot of an era, focused on the Sony Ericsson Satio, yet another 12 Megapixel camera phone.

Pixels alone don’t make a good camera, but the arrival of a 12MP device, with its claimed ability to be enlargeable to near poster size, is regarded as a landmark in the ongoing progress of the camera phone (even though 20MP phones may be here next year).

We cringe at how much worse a 20MP camera phone is going to be.  Stop the insanity!

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Nikon D3S SLR; Start of ISO war?

ISO sensitivity is more important to image quality than pixel count.  This camera has 12.1 megapixel sensor, you can bet its going to be remarkably better than a 12 megapixel camera phone.

[Read Article at Macworld]

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Silicon Image releases 18 Megapixel Camera Processor

Talk about over engineering, do we really need 18 MP camera phones?

[Read More from ZDNET]

News Release from Silicon Image

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6 megapixel – the best picture quality

Image engineering, a German company, has launched an initiative to proclaim the sensibility of not getting crazy packing insane amounts of megapixels into tiny sensors. They assert the best number of megapixels is Six.

“To increase the pixel count, the sensor has to be divided into smaller and smaller pixels. The result is a decrease in sensitivity of the camera and an increase in noise because the amount of light collected by a single pixel is smaller.”

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In summary, To paraphrase Monty Python: “Six shalt be the number of megapixels, and the number of megapixels shalt be six. Five shalt it not be, nor either four, Seven is right out.”

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The Lie of Interpolation

Look at this ebay auction. Here the seller claims a Fifteen Megapixel camera, but if you read closer, the pixels are Interpolated. This means the image is just resized to be more (blurred) pixels. A gimmick that is a waste of memory and whose only purpose is to deceive consumers into believing that they’re buying a high Megapixel device. Read on to find the camera actually only has 5.0 Megapixel!
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Beyond Megapixels: Picking a Compact Digital Camera

“the megapixel arms race has now gotten severely out of hand”

“buying a camera with more pixels these days often means just paying more for a noisier image that captures less detail than a similar counterpart with fewer megapixels”

[Read More at US News and World Report]

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