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Canon Powershot G11 Review

A compact digital camera with a whopping 14.7 megapixels

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The Lie of Interpolation

Look at this ebay auction. Here the seller claims a Fifteen Megapixel camera, but if you read closer, the pixels are Interpolated. This means the image is just resized to be more (blurred) pixels. A gimmick that is a waste of memory and whose only purpose is to deceive consumers into believing that they’re buying a high Megapixel device. Read on to find the camera actually only has 5.0 Megapixel!
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Megapixel Myth Launches web site 6/21/07 launched on June 21st 2007. This web site was created to inform and educate consumers of digital cameras about all the factors that affect image quality. Educated consumers that know that there is mre to a camera than its megapixels will put forces on the manufacturers that will enable new lens, sensor, and processing technologies to succeed. This will help improve the image quality of cameras big and small.
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Beyond Megapixels: Picking a Compact Digital Camera

“the megapixel arms race has now gotten severely out of hand”

“buying a camera with more pixels these days often means just paying more for a noisier image that captures less detail than a similar counterpart with fewer megapixels”

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