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Apple’s next-gen iPhone sports dual cameras, flash

Either the act of a careless Apple employee, or an intentional leak,  the new iPhone found at a Bar near the Apple headquarters has the dual cameras that we wished the iPad had.  No, not Adobe’s flash, but a LED flash.   With iPhone users bringing AT&T’s network to it’s knees, will the videoconferencing that this front facing camera enables deal a fatal blow to their network?

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5.0 Megapixel iPhone… App?

5.0-Megapixel-Camera2-200x300Yet another example of megapixel insanity:  This 99 cent app will not add millions of pixels to your phone, it does nothing but re-size the low-resolution image.

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iPad disappoints many due to lack of Camera

No camera will be included on the iPad.  No augmented reality, no videoconferencing, no mashups of augmented reality and videoconferencing.   No USB port for attaching an external camera or external drives.  No SD card reader.    Good news though.. The next iPad will change EVERYTHING!  Until then, the Fanboy backed monoculture will likely make a killing on this baby (and its accessories) no mater what it doesn’t do.


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Megapixel Myth just might be 1-0 on Apple tablet predictions

Some information is coming in that confirms our prediction that the iSlate / iPad /iWhatever is going to have 2 cameras, which we made one week ago.


So either he’s lying, or we were right… We’ll see tomorrow.

UPDATE:  He a liar.  Looks like Techcruch got it right, no camera.  I have no idea WTF Apple is thinking.

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iPhone Vs. Nexus One Shootout Redux


Camera shootout by cNet reveals that the 3Mp iPhone 3GS has significantly better Low-light performance than the 5MP Nexus One.  Unless you enable the flash, then the Nexus One smokes the iPhone (at least at close range).

Cost comparison by reveals the cost of the devices, the US$529 Nexus One is built from US$174 of components, a few bucks less than the iPhone.  Profit!   Too bad it’s initially tied to the lackluster T-Mobile network.

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24p vs 30p Inspires Passionate Rant


Videographers face a trade-off in their choice of frame rates.  24p gives better quality per frame, 30P gives better ability to capture motion.

See how these kind of features inspire heated emotions in a devoted Canon fan…
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Google & Microsoft join Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) Initiative

i3aA group of imaging industry companies have banded together to come up with a better way of rating the image quality of camera phones:

“Mostly all that buyers have to go on is a megapixel count, which isn’t terribly meaningful when it comes to such small sensors. The International Imaging Industry Association, a consortium whose mission is to make imaging better for consumers, is trying to come up with a better way.”

This effort has been underway since 2007, hopefully with the addition of Google and Microsoft as partners their efforts will materialize into an effective and meaningful rating system.

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What’s wrong with image quality in the media

Appearing in the Toronto Star, this article epitomizes the folly of the Megapixel Myth.  If we could send David Pogue over to slap some sense into it’s author Richard Lautens, we would.

“you want to capture the most pixels possible”

MORE THE MERRIER!!!!   lets have a pixel party…

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St. Clair IP Consultants uses patents to extract money from digital camera industry

patentsSt. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants holds patents on Digital Camera Technology, which have proven to be a thorn in the side of the digital camera industry.  Abstract of their claim:

A digital camera for taking pictures and storing them in a removable storage device in the camera, said digital camera apparatus comprising: an image pick-up unit for generating and outputting a digital image signal photoelectrically converted from an image incident thereon, and a digital control unit for formatting said digital image signal in one of a plurality of computer formats

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PC Magazine recaps PDN PhotoPlus

PDNphoto_mainIn a recap of the PDN PhotoPlus Show in New York, PC magazine’s Michael J. Miller poses the question: “Is the Megapixel Race Over in Digital Cameras?

On the point and shoot side, the megapixel war seems to be coming to an end with 12 megapixel point-and-shoots becoming commonplace, and not much more after that.

Considering that 12MP is overkill for a point and shoot, and the crop of 12MP camera phones coming out, this is some wishful thinking.  Good article though!

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