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Canon unveils 120-megapixel sensor

The APS-H sensor boasts a ridiculous resolution of 13,280 x 9,184 pixels. The CMOS sensor is so densely packed with pixels that it can capture full HD video on just one-sixtieth of the total surface area.

Processing such enormously high resolution images should, by rights, cripple the average camera. However, Canon claims it would be possible to shoot 9.5 frames per second with the new sensor “by modifying the method employed to control the readout circuit timing”. Whether the camera could buffer such high resolution images in its memory is another matter altogether.

[Read the whole store from PC Pro] [Slashdot Comments]

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Gigapan releases Epic PRO Motorized DSLR mount

Gigapan Epic Pro

Gigapan Epic Pro

If you want a $#!^load of megapixels, this is the way to get it:  With the $895 Gigapan Epic PRO panoramic camera mount along with a DSLR camera.  Or just use their Epic mount with a point-and shoot digital camera.  Note: not all cameras are supported, make sure to check that yours is compatible.

Gigapan Systems has been producing mounts for point-and-shoot cameras for a while now, and has a panorama hosting service that integrates very well with Google Earth.  Just don’t try to upload anything smaller than 50 megapixels, or you will be denied.

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Quantum Film Image Sensors claim 4x performance of CMOS

New Quantum Film image sensor technology released by Invisage Incorporated claims to have four times the light sensitivity of ordinary CMOS sensors.


Supposedly the process is more affordable than ordinary CMOS manufacturing.  Not because adding an extra layer of patented Quantum Film makes the production process cheaper per silicon platter, but because they could reduce pixel size enabling smaller, cheaper sensors with the same efficiency as larger ones we have now.

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Megapixel Myth just might be 1-0 on Apple tablet predictions

Some information is coming in that confirms our prediction that the iSlate / iPad /iWhatever is going to have 2 cameras, which we made one week ago.


So either he’s lying, or we were right… We’ll see tomorrow.

UPDATE:  He a liar.  Looks like Techcruch got it right, no camera.  I have no idea WTF Apple is thinking.

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20 Megapixel Camera Phone Chip Rediculousness from Broadcom

broadcomBroadcom is producing a chip capable of handling a 20 megapixel camera phone, the BCM2763 VideoCore IV.  Why?  To provide their customers with the ability to one-up the 12 and 14 megapixel camera phone offerings, as if they don’t have enough pixels.   While the 20MP numbers are the “ceiling” of this signal processor’s capability, that doesn’t make the concept of a 20MP camera phone any less outrageous.  The chip does have some actually desirable characteristics though, such as 40nm CMOS technology, 1080P H.264 encoding, and minimal power usage.   Press release follows.

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Aptina’s 14 Megapixel image sensor announced

This image sensor offers some exciting features like Image Stabilization & 1080P HD Video

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Pixim wins Homeland Security Award for HDR Imaging Technology

piximPixim’s technology enables adaptive exposure on a pixel by pixel level, enabling high dynamic range (HDR) Imaging.   Pixim’s technology is currently available exclusively for security cameras, but we are hopeful that this technology may some day be extended to consumer-oriented devices.

Read the press release from Pixim Inc.

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Telescope slated to have 3,200 megapixels

suzanne-470This is the kind of megapixel race we like to see!

The   Large Synoptic Survey Telescope now under construction in Chile boasts a sensor with 3,200 megapixels, more pixels than ever.   Read more about this awesome piece of technology in the article by Daniel Long of Australia’s PC Authority

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Silicon Image releases 18 Megapixel Camera Processor

Talk about over engineering, do we really need 18 MP camera phones?

[Read More from ZDNET]

News Release from Silicon Image

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Google Tech Talk: Image Quality Explained

Norman Koren explains how to analyze Image Quality using Imatest.
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