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Why DSLR’s are bad for Video

7D-Rig-300x195The fact that the latest high-end Nikon and Canon DSLR’s can shoot 1080p HD video doesn’t tell the full story about the quality of the video they shoot.    Some of the reasons why they suck for Video:

  • ergonomics
  • shortcuts in processing that involve tossing out 2/3rds of the lines resulting in diminished light sensitivity and increased color moire and noise.
  • a wobbling “Jello-world” produced by a top-to-bottom scanning sensor
  • awful audio

For details on all 8 reasons Read the full article from PoetZero

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20 Megapixel Camera Phone Chip Rediculousness from Broadcom

broadcomBroadcom is producing a chip capable of handling a 20 megapixel camera phone, the BCM2763 VideoCore IV.  Why?  To provide their customers with the ability to one-up the 12 and 14 megapixel camera phone offerings, as if they don’t have enough pixels.   While the 20MP numbers are the “ceiling” of this signal processor’s capability, that doesn’t make the concept of a 20MP camera phone any less outrageous.  The chip does have some actually desirable characteristics though, such as 40nm CMOS technology, 1080P H.264 encoding, and minimal power usage.   Press release follows.

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Canon S90 smokes Panasonic LX3 in shootout

4033357063_d1cb8c3796Another example of why not all pixels are created equal.  The Cannon triumphs in producing appealing colors & low noise images.

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Pixim wins Homeland Security Award for HDR Imaging Technology

piximPixim’s technology enables adaptive exposure on a pixel by pixel level, enabling high dynamic range (HDR) Imaging.   Pixim’s technology is currently available exclusively for security cameras, but we are hopeful that this technology may some day be extended to consumer-oriented devices.

Read the press release from Pixim Inc.

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Silicon Image releases 18 Megapixel Camera Processor

Talk about over engineering, do we really need 18 MP camera phones?

[Read More from ZDNET]

News Release from Silicon Image

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