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Canon unveils 120-megapixel sensor

The APS-H sensor boasts a ridiculous resolution of 13,280 x 9,184 pixels. The CMOS sensor is so densely packed with pixels that it can capture full HD video on just one-sixtieth of the total surface area.

Processing such enormously high resolution images should, by rights, cripple the average camera. However, Canon claims it would be possible to shoot 9.5 frames per second with the new sensor “by modifying the method employed to control the readout circuit timing”. Whether the camera could buffer such high resolution images in its memory is another matter altogether.

[Read the whole store from PC Pro] [Slashdot Comments]

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Nokia 12 Megapixel Cameraphone Released

nokiaNokia is on the verge of releasing their flagship cameraphone which sports a whoppingf 12MP sensor and Carl Zeis optics.  Also running a new release of their Symbian OS.   Supposedly the press event announcing this is Tomorrow, April 13th, so stay tuned Nokia nuts.  We’ll update this post then.

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The gadget guy explains the Megapixel Myth

Excellent Video explanations of why Pixel and sensor size is so important.

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Olympus E-P2 Packs in a lot more than Megapixels

e-P2Companies who spend research and development costs on things other than trying to pack insane amounts of pixels into their sensors often get their devices overlooked by uneducated consumers.  Olympus has invested considerable effort into development of these sorts of quality-improving features that deserves to be recognized.  These features mean more than the megapixel count.

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12 Megapixel shoot out: Sony Ericsson Satio Vs. Samsung Pixon12


Sony Ericsson prevails in a close battle between 12 Megapixel camera phones

“The Sony Ericsson phone has captured the more natural looking image with brighter and, more importantly, more natural colours.”

“both cameras on the tested phones are incredible, proving that this wasn’t just a case of upping the Megapixel count to sell more handsets.   …  I found the Sony Ericsson Satio offers the best all round package. The 28mm wide angle lens of the Samsung Pixon12 is more of a hindrance than a positive addition as everything in your viewfinder is consequently smaller so you’ll find yourself having to zoom in to match the size of the Satio (which in turn impacts on the quality of the photo). Whilst a close run race, for me the Satio just edges it. The ease of use, larger display and more natural looking results are ultimately more important than the Pixon12’s smile detection and range of scene settings.”

Read the article by the UK Mobile Phone Blog

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Why More Megapixels Isn’t Always More Better

megapixel_raceGizmodo has written an excellent article on the folly of sacrificing low light performance for unnecessary resolution.    An insightful response that follows the article:

“I was trying to decide at one point between the D40(6.1 MP) and the D60 (10.2 MP) Nikon. Every single time I would ask someone on flickr for their opinion they would say get the D60! Extra megapixels! Because of cost, and seeing as paying more for a VR lens in the D60, decided to go with the D40. And 6 MP is COMPLETELY FINE. I get the most amazing night shots and the quality is fine. Everyone seems to fall for this “Megapixel Myth” and gets the D60, but when it comes down to it, seeing the night shots of my friends D60, wouldn’t trade the D40 in for the D60 even if I could do it for free.”

Read the article by Matt Buchanan: Giz Explains: Why More Megapixels Isn’t Always More Better

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Sony Ericsson 12MP Satio Camera Phone

satioThe Guardian has posted a reflection on the state of camera phones: Camera phones offer snapshot of an era, focused on the Sony Ericsson Satio, yet another 12 Megapixel camera phone.

Pixels alone don’t make a good camera, but the arrival of a 12MP device, with its claimed ability to be enlargeable to near poster size, is regarded as a landmark in the ongoing progress of the camera phone (even though 20MP phones may be here next year).

We cringe at how much worse a 20MP camera phone is going to be.  Stop the insanity!

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Casio jumps on the 12 Megapixel cameraphone bandwagon

In yet another example of over-stuffing pixels into a tiny form factor, Casio has released their 12MPix Camera-Phone – The Exilim Ketai CA003

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Nikon D3S SLR; Start of ISO war?

ISO sensitivity is more important to image quality than pixel count.  This camera has 12.1 megapixel sensor, you can bet its going to be remarkably better than a 12 megapixel camera phone.

[Read Article at Macworld]

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Samsung’s Pixon 12 offers a controversially large number of pixles

We can’t wait to get a hold of one of these to test it’s Image Quality.   We consider 12 Megapixels to be a ridiculously large number for a camera phone.  This phone has been delayed before but apparently is now released in Asia and Europe.

News of it’s release in june from Engadget:  Samsung’s Pixon 12: a dozen megapixels of cameraphone nonsense in June

Here is a test of the phone.   Apparently it has the ability to take a decent picture, but we still think that the 12 megapixels is a waste of Memory and Network bandwidth.  See more for some low light tests. Continue reading ‘Samsung’s Pixon 12 offers a controversially large number of pixles’ »

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