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Olympus Transfers Medical Lens Technology to Consumer Devices

Olympus’ Billion dollar investments in acquisition of medical Endoscope technology  have yielded a benefit to the video and  image quality of their consumer camera products within more compact form factors.   The technology has been incorporated to Olympus’ Micro Four Thirds sensor system available in the Olympus PEN E-PL1.

“A better lens means the company can sell better endoscopes, better microscopes, and better consumer cameras.”

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Olympus E-P2 Packs in a lot more than Megapixels

e-P2Companies who spend research and development costs on things other than trying to pack insane amounts of pixels into their sensors often get their devices overlooked by uneducated consumers.  Olympus has invested considerable effort into development of these sorts of quality-improving features that deserves to be recognized.  These features mean more than the megapixel count.

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