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Canon unveils 120-megapixel sensor

The APS-H sensor boasts a ridiculous resolution of 13,280 x 9,184 pixels. The CMOS sensor is so densely packed with pixels that it can capture full HD video on just one-sixtieth of the total surface area.

Processing such enormously high resolution images should, by rights, cripple the average camera. However, Canon claims it would be possible to shoot 9.5 frames per second with the new sensor “by modifying the method employed to control the readout circuit timing”. Whether the camera could buffer such high resolution images in its memory is another matter altogether.

[Read the whole store from PC Pro] [Slashdot Comments]

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Quantum Film Image Sensors claim 4x performance of CMOS

New Quantum Film image sensor technology released by Invisage Incorporated claims to have four times the light sensitivity of ordinary CMOS sensors.


Supposedly the process is more affordable than ordinary CMOS manufacturing.  Not because adding an extra layer of patented Quantum Film makes the production process cheaper per silicon platter, but because they could reduce pixel size enabling smaller, cheaper sensors with the same efficiency as larger ones we have now.

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570 Megapixel megacamera looks for dark energy

This 35 million dollar sensor being built by Fermilab combines 74 7.7MP sensors into a 570 Megapixel array which will be utilized to detect the effects of “dark energy” which is accelerating the expansion of the Universe.  Read more from Wired.

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The gadget guy explains the Megapixel Myth

Excellent Video explanations of why Pixel and sensor size is so important.

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Aptina’s 14 Megapixel image sensor announced

This image sensor offers some exciting features like Image Stabilization & 1080P HD Video

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