iPhone Vs. Nexus One Shootout Redux


Camera shootout by cNet reveals that the 3Mp iPhone 3GS has significantly better Low-light performance than the 5MP Nexus One.  Unless you enable the flash, then the Nexus One smokes the iPhone (at least at close range).

Cost comparison by smh.com.au reveals the cost of the devices, the US$529 Nexus One is built from US$174 of components, a few bucks less than the iPhone.  Profit!   Too bad it’s initially tied to the lackluster T-Mobile network.

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  • http://benatkin.com/ Ben Atkin

    For most of the pictures I take with my iPhone, I wouldn’t use a flash, if it were available, and would be helpful. Most of the time it’s in situations where it would be rude to use it that I wish I could use a flash. It would still be nice occasionally. I’m not crazy about how extreme Apple’s gone in simplifying the outside of the iPhone. The email light on my old T-Mobile G1 is one of things I miss the most since switching from it to the iPhone.

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