What’s wrong with image quality in the media

Appearing in the Toronto Star, this article epitomizes the folly of the Megapixel Myth.  If we could send David Pogue over to slap some sense into it’s author Richard Lautens, we would.

“you want to capture the most pixels possible”

MORE THE MERRIER!!!!   lets have a pixel party…

“a camera with more Megapixels does help to improve the quality of a photo enlargement by providing higher resolution”

… Nothing about there being diminishing returns after a certain point, and degradation of quality past that point.

“it is important to realize that the Megapixel count alone does not make for great photo enlargement — an amazing photo makes for a great photo enlargement!”

No shit sherlock!   Thanks for the tautology.  What about noise and low light performance?   Nothing.

“Photographs where the image has soft curves and warm colours will still enlarge well when the resolution is less than optimal”

…Pictures of blurry things look blurry when blurred!

“It is important to remember that photo enlargements are viewed from a distance, so fine graininess can not be seen when viewed from across the room.”

Are they now?   Especially if you put up one of those fuzzy rope-barriers to keep people from approaching your image.

“you can try to resize the image if you want to print a very big enlargement. However resizing is not always advisable since it will likely cause some degradation of the original image. This happens when the software does the resizing and may cause smoothing of edges, changes in tones, and fuzziness.”

The only reason you would ever resize something larger would be to “fuzz” out the visibility of pixel edges, this is called Interpolation.  The original image would not be degraded unless you cranked up your JPEG compression and overwrote the original, which would be a silly thing to do.

Then it goes into calculation of DPI, purely advocating quantity and saying nothing about quality.

Read the article, if you dare.

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