6 megapixel – the best picture quality

Image engineering, a German company, has launched an initiative to proclaim the sensibility of not getting crazy packing insane amounts of megapixels into tiny sensors. They assert the best number of megapixels is Six.

“To increase the pixel count, the sensor has to be divided into smaller and smaller pixels. The result is a decrease in sensitivity of the camera and an increase in noise because the amount of light collected by a single pixel is smaller.”

[Read more at 6mpixel.org]

In summary, To paraphrase Monty Python: “Six shalt be the number of megapixels, and the number of megapixels shalt be six. Five shalt it not be, nor either four, Seven is right out.”

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  • Mark Saping

    Couldn’t an algorithm to combine pixel color values in the final photo give the option of dropping the resolution to increase the SNR? How much would the final SNR be compared between two photographs: 6MP versus 24->6MP? That’s the important question.

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